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KNP offers every kind of publishing related support by providing the best possible services to scholars. Our resources will help you manage, enhance, and organize your researches, conferences, library support, monologues, and documentation support to both governmental and non-governmental organizations

Our key resources will help you with the following advantages:

  • Supporting Scholarly Communities
  • Offering the best publishing experience
  • Supporting Scholarly Communities
  • Offering the best publishing experience


KNP offers every kind of publishing related support by providing the best possible services to scholars. Our resources will help you manage, enhance, and organize your researches, conferences, library support, monologues, and documentation support to both governmental and non-governmental organizations

For Authors
Author Guidlines

For Authors

For Authors

For Authors

For Authors


We provide customized solutions to access all data base.
Anyone can retrieve a secure access to our journals, books, Corporate R&D manuals, and Research management plans
for different disciplines. You just need a verified account to log-in with our system to make the maximum out of this.

For Librarians
Open Access

For Librarians
Licencing KNP Content

For Librarians
Library Support


We host a bi-yearly conference to bring all stakeholders up to the esteem.
We have an efficient conference hosting system that enables conference scheduling,
managing its editorial proceedings, indexing them at appropriate platforms, publishing them and support to publish their proceedings.

For Conference Organizers
Conference Management System

For Conference Organizers
KNP Conference Series Publications

For Conference Organizers
Indexing, Abstracting, & Archiving


We provide a basic framework to corporate, so they can develop their own product life cycle. The growth of corporate culture vastly depends upon the management of product life cycle from project inception to project closure. We offer a personalized explication to the problems in their research life cycle. We can also help them to index and patent the research they had conducted. They can publish their research work with us as well, we assign them a dedicated periodical.

For Industries & Instituion
Research Management

For Industries & Instituion
Research Publication

For Industries & Instituion
Research Indexing

For Industries & Instituion
Research Archiving


In close collaboration with our indexing partners, we endeavor to make the research process accessible.

Get the Best Publishing Resources UK

Knight & noble publishers giving best publishing resources in medical science, business, finance, and management services in UK; our team of experts is highly committed to providing the legitimacy and rightness resources solutions with our reliable services in open access environment

What makes us different?

We have most experienced and well knowledgeable editing and writing experts, we have our transparent peer-reviewed processes and well managed acquiescent flow processes that guarantees the research publishing is indexed, archived, and disseminated in the least possible time.

Knight and noble publishers’ primary objective are to serve the approachable and easy and best publishing resources UK services to fulfill the reproducing needs of the researchers.

Our believe is to encourage the publishing of authentic global Research. Knight and noble publishers extensively support the new researchers who are willing to publish their Research for the first time by offering them our open and best publishing resources UK. Our resources are available to complete your research easily and effectively to publish your Research in a reasonable time.

Empowering Researchers

Knight & noble publishers guarantee the researchers, librarians and institutes to empower the research publications with our reliable worldwide resources.

Knight and noble publishers offer several resources to the researchers by giving researchers the best publishing resources UK to develop the skills in writing, reviewing, revising, and submitting their Research as knp is the best publisher in UK.

Our experts will assist you with the complete process of research publishing in a proper format and structure that can help you to pull your Research to the global platform. We practice the global strategies norms to keep up the high caliber in research designing and publication in the impactful journal. You can have the best and reliable resources for your researches and appropriate procedures that help you to submit the effective paper.

Our most competent and best publishing resources UK

Knight & noble publishers are devoted to inspire, achieve, and ease the publishing process has determined into the variety of publishing services to make the manuscript publishable and to publish the Research successfully in the top-ranked journal.

Authors Resources

Knight and noble publishers are ready to help, providing the best ideas for your Cost Effective Services in UK giving you the techniques and strategies that how you can augment your manuscript according to the required journal and collaborating data visualization.

Our team will help authors to find the data that needs to be published in the high indexed journal. Whether a student is planning a research project or a researcher that working on the next research paper,

Libraries Resources

Knight & noble publishers provide satisfactory library resource services and tools to enhance the skills and promote the Research within your university or institute.

Libraries encourages the wider reliable information and the workflow of the researchers, and new experiences. Libraries resources plays a vivacious in managing the research information. knight and noble publishers are in collaboration with many global libraries to provide trusted research information and a reliable solution to increase the knowledge worldwide. We serve entirely open access to the librarians.

Resources for conference

Knight & noble publishers providing the best publishing resources UK including useful material of Research and are very experience. we arrange numerous conferences each year; With our best conference management system, our conferences offer the smart way to connect with the scientist and the research industry demonstrative of various disciplines.

Knight & noble publishers boost the researchers to publish the joint conference research in our conference records series. Also, you can get the organized conference by allocating and selecting the suitable editor and associating it with the high indexing databases.

Future expansion

Knight and noble publishers are the top most leading global resource company for the running organization, analytics, publication, indexing, and archiving, and aim to continuously provide our best writers and publishers network services to the research communities and researchers who need our assistance in publishing their Research in well recognized journals.

Knight and noble publishers’ vast solutions

Knight & noble publishers offering the resource servicers to aid the science, management, engineering and health with our advanced tools and techniques that will give you the ideas for the effective topics, that's how a researcher can make the decision more competently and effortlessly.

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