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For Conference Organizers

We are experienced organizers of conferences, exhibitions and workshops. Our conferences offer world-class content, great delegate experience and exceptional networking opportunities.

KNP Host provides online tools that supports all aspects of conference organization, including;

Set Up a Website, Build Schedule, Online Registration, CFP and Submissions, Generating Mailing Lists, Enabling Online Billing, Copy Editing and Production, Post Event Survey, Award Management Portal, Conference Gallery, Data Exports, Conference Planners, Connecting with Sponsors and Exhibitors, and Maximizing User Experience.

KNP Host allows you to organize, manage, and host such kinds of conferences in a professional way with limited and no experience in hand. Just give us the directions and necessary ingredients you needed to be there and the patronage is rest assured.

With KNP Host, you can setup the website, where you constantly post updates about conferences, webinars and other events, if your organization is looking forward to hold a conference on regular basis and permits you to build schedules for conference related activities.

KNP Host authorizes you to access relevant contacts, you may also send invitations to them. It also aids to conduct online registration of the participants, and accepting their submissions.

KNP Host further enables you to present your latest research, learn from invited speakers, understand the current state of research, interact with international colleagues, visit the exhibition of front-line commercial technology, and engage with editors of the top journals in your field.

publication services
For Hosting Journals

KNP Host provides universities and organizations an opportunity for managing and publishing their own scholarly journals with flexible and configurable editorial workflow. With KNP Host, online submission and management of content is made simpler by integrating it with scholarly publishing services such as Crossref, ORCiD, and DOAJ.

All of our journals can be locally installed and controlled and have access to community-led support.

For Indexing

KNP Host supports in indexing a database of articles, books, journals, monographs, and conference proceedings, using our open source software applications. We help you promote research papers and journals at international scientific conferences by indexing them at necessary platforms. Our collaborations with internationally renowned bodies will help getting our publications indexed & accessible.

For Archiving

KNP Host allows you to create a searchable index of the metadata from flexible search interface that allocates simple and advanced searching fields from all harvested archives. Advanced searching of archives that share the same schema will be possible using fields as defined in the indexing.

Get open access publishing service in your research field

Knight and noble publishers are world leading publishing house that providing the open access publishing service and Best Research Management in organizing the conferences, academic exhibitions and research workshops, we offer though our conferences a out-class content and offering opportunities to the researchers to enlarge the network by meeting up with the scientist on one platform.

Knight and noble publishers providing the useful content of research and open access publishing service. With our finest Conference Hosting Management, we are proficient in arranging the conferences on broader level.

Our conferences offer the proactive way to connect with the scientist of research industry of their field of interest.

We believe to encourage the researchers to get the organized conference by allocating the appropriate expert to associate with the top indexing bodies.

Reason of open access publishing service?

Open access publishing is most popular technique to publish scientific Research. Knight and noble publishers offering open access publishing service to academia. As we are renowned publishers from many years in this industry, offering best publishing solution for the manuscripts, journal, conferences proceedings, a better journal hosting forum.

Benefits for Researchers

Knight and noble publishers offering many benefits to the researcher who wants to publish open access with us, out-class expertise, our experienced editors, and authentic reviewers, making your research work more visible, get the experience of publishing on top journals, include your research work in relevant high indexed databases, get 100% assure that Research is easily accessible and discoverable for the readers.

Many studies have described when you publish your Research open access, there is substantial increase in the citation by opening the articles for all the users, that means more visibility and high impact for the journal. No other researcher would be interested to waste time on the already published Research, that means no duplication of your research work.

Researcher Hosting

Knight and noble publishers allow to manage and host professional conferences by giving the necessary directions. With our host you can easily keep updated regarding the conferences.

We provide you open access publishing service and authorize contacts to invite, and present your updated Research, interact with global colleagues, visit the workshops and get in touch with the editors.

Journal hosting

Knight and noble publishers provide the organizations the opportunities for publishing their own journals with flexible editorial system. Easy online submission and content management by assimilating with scientific publishing services.

Indexing and archiving Hosting

Knight and noble publishers’ hosts promotes indexed bodies by using our open source software, we help researchers to promote the research paper and journal at high level global conferences. Our services will allow you open index of the metadata from the flexible search that assign easy and improved searching fields.

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