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Our KNP Manage service delivers cost-effective research management, journal management, and conference management services, which have enabled us to augment our mission to serve the research community.


KNP Manage enables researchers to conduct research in a smooth flow. To augment a clear understanding of the research methodology and impart perfection to our research process, we follow standardized steps to manage the academic process:

  • Conceptualizing the Idea
  • Forming a hypothesis
  • Methodological framework
  • Data collection strategy
  • Interpreting the Data
  • Providing relevant Conclusions

At each phase, you will receive expert guidance from our professionals. Our formatting experts will modify your page layout, text formatting, headings, title page, image placement, and citations/references to meet the guidelines of your target journal. We will also check the accuracy of your references and will indicate if you need to revise the paper so your title, running head, abstract, main text, and figure legends comply with the journal’s word count restrictions. You can ask an unlimited number of questions about the formatting of your paper.

publication services

KNP Manage also assists you to manage and publish journals, assigning editorial roles for your journal and enables your journal to comply with our established policies effortlessly.

  • Flexible and configurable editorial workflow
  • Online submission and management of all content
  • Subscription module with delayed open access options
  • Integrated with scholarly publishing services such as Crossref, ORCiD, and DOAJ
  • Locally installed and controlled
  • Community-led and supported
  • Multilingual and translated into over 30 languages
  • Extensive user guides and training videos

KNP Manage helps you to organize your conferences, sending invitations, asking for collaborations, call for conference papers, and publishing the proceedings of your conference.

KNP Manage creates a complete web presence for your scholarly conference and will allow you to:

  • Compose and send a call for papers
  • Electronically accept paper and abstract submissions
  • Allow paper submitters to edit their work
  • Post conference proceedings and papers in a searchable format
  • Post the original data sets
  • Register participants
  • Integrate post-conference online discussions

Best Research management in your reach

A good management services can add value to your research, Knight and Noble publishers are successful in this industry by giving the best Research management and cost-effective services in UK.

Knight and noble publishers enable researchers to conduct Research in smooth workflow, offering cost effective best Research management services, journal management services, and conference management facilities.

Your research work should be, usable, available, accessible, discoverable,Open Access Publication Funds. Our management modules have all the information that you need to fulfil the requirements.

Our improved management gives useful advices to researchers who want to lead the research information team, and advices for future in academic research department

Get more data

Gathering the data from the different sources is very useful, it helps augmenting the management, and reduce the load on the directorial. It supports the reporting on agreement with the funders on Open Research Funds in UK.

Knight and noble publishers provide the researchers an inclusive, and strong view of your official research activities.

Knight and noble publishers have built-in module and metrics for best Research management strategies, all the institutes over the world trust on the effective research tools to get the solutions for the researcher and the mangers; and we have our well-designed matrices that give benefits to the researchers for quality, gathered information, progressive analytical tool.

Knight and noble publishers have the proactive best Research management cycle, that includes

the research plans

knowhow the teamwork,


how to conduct the Research

how to manage the Research

how impactful and engaging the Research is

Developing the research plan is very important for the researchers and that helps to achieve the goal of your Research. Knight and noble publishers help to collaborate with the other researchers to improve the research agendas. Helps to manage the relevant funding chances, improve the productivity and the workflow of the Research, monitor the research activities, make reputation by increasing the visibility with cost-effective services in UK.

Smooth workflow of best Research management

Knight and noble follows the effective standardized procedure to completing the Research to publishing process by managing the management cycle:

abstracting the idea

theory formulation

procedural outline

effective data gathering

interpret the collected data

most relevant conclusion

Knight and noble publishers help researcher in each phase research, by giving expert solutions. We have experts for every phase, research techniques to submitting the quality research paper. Our editing team will provide the best layout and format for your manuscript.

Why research information is important?

Gathering the Research and sharing that Research is very important, it supports the transparency and reproducibility and build the trust and knight and noble publishers playing vital role to support the researchers who wants to explore and the share the data and are very committed to working with the researcher to produce their data more effectively we are offering best research management and cost-effective services in UK.

Knight and noble publishers’ matrices explain the results that supports your results, and give you knowledge how you can cite the data and how it can benefit your career. Our company will give you the guidance of research plans and get more ideas to prepare your scripts effectively.

Improved Management of Journals

Knight and noble publishers help, how to manage the publish journals, allocate the editorial roles for the journal and enables the journal to fulfil the developed policies easily.

Flexible workflow

Management of content

Subscription modules

Scholarly publishing services

Translation in 30 languages

Extensive research guides

Improved Management of conferences

Knight and noble publishers help to manage the conferences, call for conference’s papers, more collaborations, preceding conference management.

Web presence for your research paper

Comprise and send call for paper

Abstract submission and electronic acceptance

Papers in searchable format

Integrate post-conference, online discussions

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