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Research Publisher

Research Publisher in UK are committed to manage and disseminate the research quickly. With experience and a dedicated team, KNP emphasizes quality, creativeness, and authenticity. KNP is an authentic global publishing house providing the best editing and proofreading services before sending the research paper to the targeted journal.

Whether you are a researcher or a Ph.D. student, you value your time, and getting a research paper published takes months, and sometimes, more than a year. With our research Publication support services, you can quickly consult the industry experts for guidance at all the publication process stages.

open access policy, open access


KNP is an adamant supporter of the Open Access Policy

In adherence with the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI), KNP publishes with an Open Access Policy under the Creative Commons CC-BY license. Keeping in pace with the transitioning publishing environment towards open accessibility, KNP has established partnerships to successfully assist and engage towards the open access transition enables effective open access diffusion, early dissemination and discoverability of your published research. We are the best Research Publisher in UK. We strictly follow to the plan initiative, , Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) for open-access science publishing.

peer review


Supports global implementation of DORA principles

KNP has implemented a transparent, rigorous Best Research Review Process to all KNP Journals enabling more transparency and better community engagement in our publishing process. The reviewer is carefully selected from the international research community and decide upon the research quality, authenticity and presentation of the submitted work. We are the best research publisher in UK. Our team of Knight & Noble Publishers is committed to only publish high-quality and high-impact research. Hence, we consider the peer-review process to be a vital element of the publication process.

Initial submission to a relevant journal
specific to your research discipline

Our Chief Editors check for quality and
relevance of your submitted manuscript

Your manuscript undergoes a thorough and
rigorous peer review

Your manuscript is accepted for final production
and published in the relevant journal

Using article level, author level and journal level
metrics, we make sure that your research is
discoverable, reproducible and accessible.

steps to publishing a book


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With our commitment to establish and maintain a sustainable publishing eco-system, Research Publisher in UK provides small publishers, independent researchers, academia, corporations and societies to access, publish and manage their research effortlessly. The following solutions enumerates our endeavours to augment our mission of serving th Research Community.


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To enable and assist the research community, we are the best research publisher in UK offers the following services to students, researchers, libraries and corporations.


Knight & Noble Publishers endeavors to make the research process standardized, documented, and manageable. The finest Publication Support Service in UK offers customized R&D management solutions for your society, organization, corporate research, or institute. In collaboration with you, we will co-design a customized solution space to streamline the research process workflow that fulfills your unique demand.'

Research Publisher in UK expert reviewer will review your research paper and provide you the constructive reviews to improve the manuscript.

Our research publisher's expert will work with you to choose the most suitable journal and assist you in editing the manuscript before submitting it to the selected journal, also carry out the technical review and support you wherever needed.

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Research Publisher in UK offers a rich collection of publishing opportunities in the following disciplines.

engineering journals
Engineering and Innovation

Engineering and Innovation

Electrical | Mechanical | Petroleum | Materials | Industrial

management science journals
Management Sciences

Management Sciences

General Management | H.R. Management | Business Management | R&D Management | Process Management

medical science journals
Medical Sciences

Medical Sciences

Emergency Medicine | Public Health Policy | Pediatrics | Genetics | Family Medicine | Epidemiology

Renewable energy journal
Social Science

Social Science

Anthropology | Economics | Human geography | law | Media Studies| Political science | Sociology

data science journals
Science and Technology

Science and Technology

Internet of Things | Data Science | Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence

Knight & noble publishers is the best research publisher in UK. KNP is a well competent and diversified publishing house in the academic industry, recognizing the demand of high quality and proposed best methods to fulfill all the requirements of the researcher to publish their outstanding work. We decisively consider the needs of our researcher and provide our finest services to attain their goal

Improvement scope

We believe in continuous progress to achieve dissemination in various fields to diversify our area of knowledge on different subjects, so we are looking for the manuscript in each discipline and offers a path to success.

Our core values

We are promised to sustain our publishing house that is in collaboration with the global research communities and providing the recognition and timely solution to the researcher of this industry. Research publisher in UK services is designed to be help researchers and giving them a proper check before going in the peer review process and guiding them to add value to their research throughout the process.

Our key dimensions

As a team, we focus on improving the communication of the research and offering researchers to get success in publication. We are the best research publisher in UK. We vigorously promote all the values of ethical publishing and offers all the services, support, and resources to the authors of all disciplines.

Clear perspective

KNP provides authors up-to-date writing and publishing resources, including all the information from publishers, journals, and industry specialists. The programs of our publishing house are to reach the global audience through our publishing partners.

We are highly dedicated to each author and are very cooperative with our researchers to give the best experience in research life. We are always looking for the best way to reach out to the targeted audience and strive to expand our services into the modern age of publishing.

KNP considers submissions from the vast range of different disciplines, from finance, business to science management. We undertake a comprehensive review of the research paper.

We are well assured in delivering consistency and superlative quality; we are best in providing editing and proofreading services, meeting the international criteria is our niche.

Our publishing house is highly trained as subject area experts while checking and editing the manuscripts. We have the best editors working as a team in the business with a clear understanding of the subject to provide the solutions to our authors by maintaining our highest standards of publishing.

KNP guarantees your manuscript is proofread and edited by our professionals and maximizes the chances of acceptance. We also offer revisions, re-editing services in demand of the researcher. Our well-established system, and professionals giving us support to delivering the quality work to the author.

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